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Starting your own business isn’t easy. Trust me, I know because I’ve done this twice before. One start-up online that I have been working on for the past year, and another that was in real estate which busted because of my lack of legal preparation. I’ve learned that the law is like a friend, the more you get to know about them the better they serve you, but if you are only interested in what they can do for you, things just wont last.

IP Law 4 Start-Ups I hope will provide you with some information that can serve as a resource as you look into starting your own company or protect the one you’ve already got going. In my opinion, you need to educate yourself with the laws and regulations that surround your business so when you hire a lawyer for whatever purpose, they know you’ve done your homework. Just remember, I’m not going to show up to your work where you are an experienced and seasoned professional and tell you how to do your job – give your lawyer the same respect.

Please see the About the Author page for full disclosure of this blog.

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